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PSL Schedule 2020 (Complete With PSL 5 Timetable)


Are You looking for PSL 2020 Schedule?

Pakistan Cricket Board Updated PSL Schedule. Matches Move From Lahore To Karachi. Here is New PSL 5 Schedule.

You are at the right place, Here is Pakistan Super League Schedule for session 5 complete timetable, With all PSL 5 matches and schedule for all Teams with today PSL Match Timetable. All Matches with date, Fixture.


The Schedule will update you about all 34 Matches.

PSL Final Match Schedule In Lahore.  Here, you can also get, PSL Final tickets.

PSL 5 edition is kick-off and here is the latest updated Pakistan Super Leauge Schedule.

Here, you can also download PSL Schedule 2020 in PDF Format. Why Download PSL Schedule, Because it will help you check the Pakistan Super League Schedule when you offline.

PSL 2020 is to take place feburary 15th, 2020 to 22 March 2020, Opening Match will be played Between Lahore Qalandars And Karachi Kings.

Pakistan Super League (PSL 5) going to be held in February, March 2020. PSL 5 will be the most amazing event in the history of cricket. Here Is PSL 5 Schedule Did you know, PLS final 2020 will be held in Karachi Pakistan. Pakistan Super League schedule released by Pakistan Cricket Board.

This Tournament officially labeled as  HBL PSL.

In This Article, you will know the complete PSL 5 Schedule with timetable and venue. This article also covers the PSL final time table. PSL final will be held in Karachi Pakistan. PSL Tickets 2020 also available in the market as well as online.

The Last Matches of PSL Super League will be played in Karachi as well as Lahore.


This article also has videos and high-quality images of the PSL 2020 Schedule.

This is an authentic and well-researched article about the Latest PSL 5 Schedule.

PSL Schedule 2020 Timetable , Fixture & Results

Here is The New nd Updated Pakistan Super League Schedule, By Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Date Day Match Venue
14th February Thursday Islamabad United VS Lahore Qalandars Pakistan
15th February Friday Multan Sultans Vs Karachi Kings Venue Will Be Updated
15th February Friday Peshawar Zalmi Vs Quetta Gladiators
16th February Saturday Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans
16th February Saturday Lahore Qalandars Vs Karachi Kings
17th February Sunday Islamabad United Vs Quetta Gladiators
17th February Sunday Peshawar Zalmi Vs Lahore Qalandars
20th February Wednesday Quetta Gldiators Vs Multan Sultans
21st February Thursday Peshawar Zalmi Vs Karachi Kings
22nd February Friday Multan Sultans Vs Lahore Qalandars
23rd February Saturday Quetta Gladiators Vs Lahore Qalandars
23rd February Saturday Islamabad United V Karachi Kings
24th February Sunday Multan Sultans v Peshawar Zalmi
24th February Sunday Quetta Gladiators V Karachi Kings
26th February Tuesday Multan Sultans V Islamabad United
27th February Wednesday Lahore Qalandars V Quetta Gladiators
27th February Wednesday Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans
28th February Thursday Multan Sultans Vs Pehwar Zalmi
28th February Thursday Karachi Kings V Lahore Qalandars
1st March Friday Peshwar Zalmi Vs Islamabad United
1st March Friday Multan Sultans V Quetta Gladiators
4th March Monday Quetta Gldaitors V Peshawar Zalmi
4th March Monday Karachi Kings V Multan Sultans
5th March Tuesday Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United
5th March Tuesday Quetta Gladiators V Islamabad United
7th March Thursday Karachi Kings V Peshawar Zalmi
9th March Saturday Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United
10th March Sunday Karachi Kings V Quetta Gladiators
10th March Sunday Lahore Qalandars V Multan Sultans Lahore
12th March Tuesday Eliminator 1, 3 v 4 Lahore
13th March Wednesday Quailifer 1, 3 V 4 Karachi
15th March Friday Eliminator 2 Karachi
17th March Sunday Final Karachi

  • 9 March 2020, Saturday Lahore Qalandars Vs Islamabad (Timing 7 pm)
  • 10 March 2020, Sunday Karachi Kings V Quetta Gladiators (Timing & PM)
  • Monday 11 March,  Lahore Qalandars V Multan Sultan (Timing 2 PM), Karachi Kings V Peshwar Zalmi (7 PM
  • 13 March Wednesdays Day Timing 7 PM Qualifier 1 V 2
  • 14th March Eliminator 3 V 4
  • Friday 15 March, Eliminator 2 (7 PM)
  • Sunday, 17 March- Final (7 PM)


Here is the latest, PSL Schedule. The HBL PSL 5 Schedule released for released now and will start on February 14 in the United Arab Emirates. Total 8 matches of Pakistan super league. Final Match will be played in Pakistan. PSL final will be played in Karachi. Pakistan super league 5th season will be played from February 14 to March 17, Matches Played in

  • Dubai (14 Matches)
  • Abu Dabi (4 Matches)
  • Sharjah (6 Matches)

There is a Full Schedule of PSL 5 matches. Six teams will participate in HBL PSL 5, Here is a Team-wise schedule 0f PSL 5.

  1. Islamabad United PSL Schedule
  2. Karachi Kings PSL Matches Schedule
  3. Matches Schedule Of PSL Lahore Qalandars
  4. Multan Sultans Match Schedule PSL
  5. PSL Schedule of Peshwar Zalmi
  6. Match Schedule Pakistan Super League Quetta Gladiators

PSL Schedule Match Timing

  • PSL  matches would be played in evening (After 3 pm PST)
  • There are two-day matches timing, First Start 4:30 pm PST
  • The Second Day Match will start at 9 pm PST.

Important Dates

  • March 7, The PSL Tournament Move to Pakistan From United Arab emirates. Karachi and Lahore will play two matches in their own city. In Front of Their Home Crowd and Cricket lovers.
  • March 17 Pakistan Super League Final will be played in Karachi.


PSL Today Match

There is only one PSL match scheduled tonight, which is between
Islamabad United vs Multan Sultans. This match will start at  9:00 pm Pakistan time.


A total of 34 matches will be played in the United Arab Emirates.  matches will be played in the following stadium.

  1. Dubai International Cricket Stadium
  2. Sheikh Zyad Stadium
  3. Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Complete schedule gin below, in the high-quality image.

Schedule Download

Download the PSL Schedule. Here is the latest PSL Schedule in PDF Format. you can download as well view online Pakistan Super League Schedule.

You can Also view PSL 5 Schedule of all Pakistan Super league teams.

Final Matches Schedule

A total of 8 final matches will be played in Pakistan. out of eight final matches

  • Five Matches will be playing in Karachi
  • Three matches will be played in Lahore

There is no change in the number of teams. The number of matches will be the same as 34. A detailed schedule of Psl  is given below.

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All PSL Six Teams are prepared for Pakistan super league. PSL 5 Schedule timetable and results.

Final Schedule

Thre matches will be played in Lahore. Here is PSL 2020 Schedule For Lahore, Timetable of  PLS Final Matches Played in Lahore. Schedule in High-Quality Image. HBL Psl-Lahore Schedule matches will be played in Night time.

  • 9th March (Match 28) Lahore Qalandar v Islamabad United
  • 10th March (Match 30) Lahore Qalandar v Sixth Team
  • 12th March (Eliminator 1) Team 3 v Team 4


psl lahore schedule


Final Schedule Karachi

Karachi national stadium will host total five matches. Karachi will host first of their match on 7 March, This match will be played between Karachi Kings and Peshawar zalmi.

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  1. 7th March Karachi Vs Peshwar Zalmi (Night)
  2. 10th March Karachi Kings v Quetta Gladiators
  3. 13th Match Qualifier v Team 1 V Team 2
  4. 15th March Eliminator 2 V winner
  5. 17th March Final

PSL Schedule Karachi Final

Still, you have a question about the PSL 5 schedule timetable contact us. comment on your favorite Pakistan super league team.

This is complete lates PSL Schedule with download option. Still, you have any question drop in a comment. I will respond as soon as possible.

six teams will participate is PSL. we will also update you about the PSL points table 2020 from time to time. the opening match will be played between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars.

This is a complete PSL schedule date with time and venue.


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Pakistan Cricket Board Update, PSL 2020 Schedule for session 5.

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